16 Jun

Justice & Jimmy

Justice. An elusive little slip of a thing. So hard to get hold of. Looks different whenever the light changes. Never seems totally solid. As what looks just from one angle looks barbaric from another. Justice skates on thin ice. Unless of course justice skates on clearly established truth. In which case, justice can glide, pirouette, grand jettee en tournee comme elle veut because with truth as her stage justice can perform miraculously.

Truth makes justice constant. Truth is the floodlight that causes justice to shine. Truth is also the floodlight that causes justice to cast a long, indelible shadow. Truth is a peculiar light, completely reveals every fault , every detail and yet, the only light by which forgiveness can come.

I learned today that someone that had spent years seeking & finally finding the brutal light of the truth, died before justice had been allowed her finalé. The stage set, the lights blinding but the performance not quite brought to its crescendo.My tears a small tribute to a man who gave years as a tribute to his son. Jimmy, I pray that tonight in heaven truth & justice are weaving a beautiful dance for you. That somehow the sorrow of the past, the truth of the present & the justice of the future are all beautifully dancing together for you in the presence of God. Rest in peace Jimmy. You deserve some peace. Xxx